Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn tool that allows you to find leads and your ideal customer more efficiently. It also helps you optimize your sales statistics and improve your campaigns on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can expand your visibility on other networks through personalized algorithms that allow you to reach your target customer. It is the ideal tool for the sales team, especially because it enables organized and effective interaction with contacts and accounts.

What are its benefits?

They could be countless, but below we highlight some of the most relevant:

  • Supports and optimizes the overall strategy of inbound marketing.
  • Increases lead generation through specific segmentation of your search, allowing you to reach a quality audience.
  • Provides access to real-time information, and you can link your LinkedIn data with your CRM.
  • Increases your chances of business opportunities by 45%.
  • Allows you to measure sales efforts on LinkedIn through the social selling index.
  • Enables engagement with past customers through personalized content.

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Key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Integration with your CRM: Through this integration, you will achieve automatic registration of customers and accounts that have made purchases in your business.
  • Update your sales in real time.
  • Email integration.
  • Lead Builder: You will have advanced search criteria at your disposal to add filters that bring you closer to ideal people and companies.
  • You can save contacts and companies that interest you to see all their updates.
  • Periodic reports to evaluate your statistics.

In conclusion, through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can segment, understand, and interact with companies and potential clients using all the tools at your disposal. It also contributes to your overall inbound marketing strategy and aligns all your efforts to acquire the ideal customer for your business.

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