Even if you've been a salesperson for a long time and have the ability to communicate effectively with people, you know that cold calls require preparation. These calls occur when you contact a potential customer who currently has no interest in what you sell or the service you provide. Through the call, you know you have the opportunity to create new business, and that creates pressure.

Your goal is to introduce the company and yourself to potential customers while conveying the value of what you're selling from the other end of the line.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Know your customers well

It's essential to gather information about the person you're going to call. With this knowledge, you can tailor the call based on the individual you're contacting. Having the same script for everyone leads to impersonal communication that lacks credibility and increases the chances of an unsuccessful call.
You can have a general template that you'll personalize with the information you've found about your customer. By researching and understanding them, you'll be able to engage in an interactive and more effective conversation.

How can your business help solve their problem?
Help them understand the additional value your product/service will provide.
Once you have all the information, organize it to be an effective tool that you can have at hand during the call.

Nueva llamada a la acción2. Grab their attention

You should introduce yourself energetically so that they can clearly identify you. Grabbing their attention ensures that they pay attention to you during the call. Then, ask your customer if they're available to talk and let them know it won't take much time. This shows that you respect their time.

Afterward, inform them of the purpose of your call and explain how and why you believe your product/service can help them have a better life. You can provide concrete examples to give them a better idea of what your product/service offers.

3. Practice

Making test calls with fictional clients is a practice that will help you develop your skills. Ask your colleagues to play the role of challenging clients and let them ask any questions that come to mind. This will train you for when you start contacting real clients.

Nueva llamada a la acción4. Listen to what they have to say

Learning to listen is essential. It will allow you to better guide the conversation and address any doubts that arise. Understanding and responding effectively will ensure that your call progresses smoothly.

With these practical tips, you can start making your cold calls. Always remember to have an empathetic tone of voice and explain to your potential customer the benefits of acquiring your product and/or service and the added value you offer.

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