Once you define your ideal client, you can focus your efforts on getting new clients for your business, the challenge of strength commercial is to identify how to attract your leads through marketing strategies that help it.

Next, we will describe some of the techniques that will help you achieve that goal you have set for yourself.

Direct marketing

Contact your customers directly, you can use text messages, email, calls and in person or virtually, all this will involve calls to action, you will invite them to give you a direct answer.

The benefits of this technique are:

  • You can contact people you otherwise you would have no way to get there.
  • You check the attractiveness of your product/ service
  • You achieve clear and profitable results< /span>

Direct marketing is a highly valued method, especially if it is combined with different techniques to achieve the stated objective, all this you can achieve it easily and without the need for external help.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound is based on helping people, establishing meaningful relationships and doing business in a more human way, you attract the attention of your customers through relevant content from their own conditions and on the sites or platforms they use or prefer.

It is about sharing knowledge and for this you must adapt to the way your client thinks, researches and buys, with This will offer value to each experience and you will address them in their comfort zone.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of combining techniques that improve your results in search engines, people constantly use these search engines and with SEO you will have the certainty that the content you create matches what people are looking for.

According to how optimized your web page is, it will also appear in search engines, with this you will increase the chances of being visited and have clicks on your page.

Social Networks

Creating your account is essential since with good management this will bring you visibility, activity and brand awareness.

Do a study about your target customer, the social networks in which they interact and through which they are most likely to that responds to an interaction.

For example, Linkedin, you can use this social network to get new customers for your business in the following way:

  • Linkedin:

This social network has the tool Linkedin Sales Navigator, where you can quickly find leads and help you optimize your sales statistics. Here you can improve your visibility through personalized algorithms that allow you to reach the customer objective.

If you combine different techniques adjusted to your target client, you will be able to greatly increase new clients for your company, establish a balance between your online and offline efforts, try different scenarios and choose the ones that give you the best results.

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