Linkedin is a highly effective tool when looking for clients. In recent years its use has increased greatly by professionals from all sectors and therefore it is the ideal place to find potential clients.

But before achieving it you must first take several points into account:

  1. Define your customer ideal
  2. Set your goals
  3. Be clear about what you offer

Once these points have been established, it is extremely important that when searching you identify if your client has the power to take of decisions or if it depends on someone else, to be clear about the decision-marker you can do a search through Linkedin for the profiles responsible for marketing to add them to your network and later contact them.

Linkedin has the function of Sales Navigator that allows you to find leads and your ideal client in a more agile way, in the same way it helps you optimize your sales statistics and improve your campaigns on Linkedin, link your profile to the official website of the company so that the people who visit you can access it directly and can consult the information they require.

In addition to the traditional actions for lead generation such as creating downloadable content or other types of strategies, through this network You can identify and attract leads to later convert them into customers, this through networking and active participation in groups in your sector.

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Advantages of getting clients on Linkedin:< /h2>

  1. 80% of B2B leads from social media come from Linkedin.
  2. The average age of its users is 35 years old and up, this is relevant since that fits with most target audiences.
  3. Compared to other networks like Twitter, Linkedin is up to 277% more effective at the time to generate leads.

Use Linkedin to sell…


  • Your profile should be creative.
  • Actively participate in discussion groups of your sector and create them too.
  • Reply quickly.
  • Make a posting schedule.

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Linkedin has all the tools for you to meet your sales goals, this network is a huge opportunity to be used as a sales engine that will help you boost your business.

What are you waiting for to start?

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