Currently, consumers have many varied options to choose from among products and brands. If they offer similar solutions, it's very likely that customers will switch between them. Therefore, it's essential to stand out from the competition. You can do this by creating one or several ideal customer profiles to attract, qualify, and close deals with well-qualified prospects.


What is an ideal customer?

It's the definition of a person who embodies the characteristics that your product or service can solve. This greatly increases the chances of them making a purchase from your company. This profile is created based on the target audience to which your commercial and marketing efforts are directed.


  1. Has a problem/need
  2. Aligns with the values of your company
  3. Has the resources to invest in solutions
  4. Makes decisions

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How to create an ideal customer profile?

Create a list with your best customers:
  • Which ones are the most profitable
  • Do they have income that allows them to purchase products from your company with a certain frequency?
  • Do you like that type of customer?
  • Does the customer usually provide positive and constructive feedback about your company?
  • Does your customer provide a high return on investment?
Interview the customers:

These interviews will provide you with valuable qualitative and quantitative information to create your ideal customer profile. Depending on what you need, you can ask relevant questions that contribute to your objective. For example:

  • What is your position?
  • What tools do you use to perform your job functions?
  • What is the size of your company? (revenue and employees)
  • What is the sales cycle like?
  • What social media platforms do you use?
  • How did you decide to choose our company?
Group the information and create your profiles:

At the end, gather all the information and create an ideal customer profile with the following categories:

  • General information.
  • Demographic information.
  • Personality and communication style.
  • Objectives.
  • Buying process.
  • Sales pitch for this segment.

This profile should be created with extreme detail and then reviewed by the marketing, sales, and other teams. Additionally, you can create a shorter, visually appealing version to aid in identifying your ideal customer.  

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