Having the opportunity to hire "temporary help" in what you need to meet specific objectives in specific areas of your company, today has become the perfect solution for many companies.

It is not a secret that the models called 'as a service' (as a service) became the business revelation at a global level in the technological sectors for more than four decades.

At the same time, they have gained relevance in:

  • The need to digitize tasks and information.
  • Pay-per-use strategies.

Along with the fact that lately companies are going deeper in the search to be more cost effective in the operation and results, especially in response to the post-pandemic.

In recent times, a new 'as a service' has emerged: it is the BDRaaS ( BDR as a Service ).

What is a BDR?

BDRs are Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) or Business Development Representatives (BDRs). They are inside sales representatives who focus on prospecting for businesses. In other words, BDRs are in charge of finding potential customers using proven cold prospecting techniques and who could guarantee incredible results in finding new prospects for any company.

Understanding this need, and under the technical premise of sales funnels from commercial strategies, where they have been telling us for years that if we want to achieve 100 of something, we must have 300 more of that something in real probabilities to be able to achieve what we want! the initial 100! In other words, if you won 100 businesses, you should have worked at least 300 businesses previously conscientiously.

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We agree?

On the other hand, for the marketing and sales areas together with human resources, it has been quite a challenge to define a role or profile of who to look for and hire for what they want to achieve, what if they hire a hunter, a farmer , what ? or who shall we call? - to the grasshopper? Others will say-...understanding that none of them should be focused on prospecting or developing territories when there are other strategies and roles for those purposes.

It is then when he returns and the tremendous question arises:

"Who should we hire and with what profile?"

They end up hiring large sales forces, commercial teams that are suddenly a bit expensive just to make business appointments, explore markets and prospect clients.

  • What will prevail?
  • Hire people with consultative selling experience?
  • With experience in contactability?
  • With experience in opening markets?
  • Hire expert negotiation closers?

This is where PROGRESUS comes in, we saw the opportunity to develop a cost-efficient product that not only provides solutions for our clients' businesses, but also provides the opportunity to reach markets where even their digital arms cannot. Being able to go further and deliver clear and timely information, in order to increase the number of opportunities, have greater geographical coverage, depth in key accounts, adequate prospecting, and additional responsible hands in whom you can trust to achieve the objectives you pursue in the growth of your sales and your market. It consists of everything being included so that the client has complete assurance that everything purchased will work at all times by trusting in expert hands like ours.

It is about BDR as a Service.

A product that responds to the needs of our clients, focused on getting potential clients through proven cold prospecting techniques and guaranteeing a minimum of real business meetings in a given time. We created a multidisciplinary team that leads innovative omnichannel activities remotely with extensive experience and methodology, generating multiple business opportunities.

We are able to:

  • INVESTIGATE: Actively looking for your buyer persona, determine where they are and how to contact them.
  • "HUNT" (Hunt): Doing cold prospecting looking for the best way to get the attention of your prospects and connect with them.
  • DISCOVER: Understanding the pains and reasons to consider a solution like yours through qualification techniques.
  • SCHEDULE: qualified customers to a business meeting that we will deliver to your vendors.
  • RECORD: all the valuable information in your CRM.
  • MONITOR all the opportunities and contacts generated by us to understand our conversion rate.

So, what would it take for you to hire our BDR as a Service ?

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